Break out the beer

I have to ‘congratulate’ the makers of VB (a beer) – from a PR perspective. Every year around ANZAC Day they roll out the Raise A Glass campaign, which is run in conjunction with the RSL. Previously they used Maj Gen Peter Cosgrove. This year they’re using recent VC winner Mark Donaldson, from the SASR. Call me cynical, but I’m against this campaign, as I see it primarily as a selling tool. I might be labelled un-Australian. Not so. I served in the Army for 22 years (four in the Regulars and 17 in the Reserve). My gripe (whihc I expressed two years ago to the RSL in writing) is that with alcohol abuse such a problem in the Defence Force, this product is not really the ideal vehicle for fundraising. While part proceeds of beer sales go to the RSL (of which I’m a member) the cynic in me sees it purely as a company riding on the coat tails of Defence and Australian patriotism around ANZAC Day. I suppose the beer needs all the help it can get, as it’s a pretty boring drop. If you want to support the RSL, make a direct donation.


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