Twitter not for students

All this talk about Twitter. Just who is using it? Certainly not young university students, if my research this week is correct.

I asked for a show of hands in all my PR and business communication classes this week. Of the 180 or so students, perhaps 15 of them were using Twitter. Most just stared blankly at me when I mentioned it.

Facebook, it seems, is the social network tool of choice among this demographic. The question remains: why? Some more research needed


2 thoughts on “Twitter not for students”

  1. Funny you should post this, Greg. I spoke to a comms colleague at Universities Australia (Rebecca Harris – ex UTS and an awesome lecturer) and she said most uni marketing people are saying students don’t like it when unis try to engage them via social media.

    This is both uni students and high school students. No matter who is doing the posting (i.e. hip, pierced, jargon-wise youngsters) it doesn’t matter. They just want the unis to STAY AWAY.

    So, not totally relevant to what you posted, but interesting nontheless. And people more cruel than me would say your students’ Twitter malaise might be to do with the fact that Adelaide time hasn’t caught up with global time [:)].

    But I wouldn’t say that. No way!

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