Rudd blog fails democracy test

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has dived deeper into cyberspace with his blog. This follows his folksy tweeting.

Unfortunately, the blog is a cynical and futile exercise because (a) it is not really
his blog, and (b) it is not democratic.

Is anyone gullible enough to believe he produces it? Sure, he may write the occasional post, but he has plenty of PR people to do the technical hackwork, and reading and vetting comments.

I joined the throng and made my first comment on climate change … and was rejected – presumably because I had a link to my web site.

However, that’s where the democratic nature of the web is being usurped by the PM. Allowing a free and frank flow of information is essential on the Net, and in any healthy democracy. If the PM can’t stand the heat, the he should get out of the kitchen.

As mentioned, he’s not really monitoring it, as any blogger worth their weight in words does.

Personally, I’m not really interested in what simply appears to be another PR exercise, aimed in re-election.



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