Knox Grammar heads into the abyss

On 26 February I wrote about the sex scandal enveloping Knox Grammar, saying it would get worse. Well, yesterday it did. A fourth teacher was arrested for alleged sexual molestation. Yet the school remains mostly silent. Wrong (PR) move.

But they don’t listen. I rang the school when the second arrest occurred. They weren’t interested in my advice.

I believe this situation will get worse. Obviously this will happen when the accused appear in court. But I also believe there may be something more sinister. In time, the special police task force may uncover it.


One thought on “Knox Grammar heads into the abyss”

  1. You said in your 26 Feb post that the school knew of the issue 5 years ago and had done nothing about it. But the media reports the next day said the school had in fact followed procedures and handed a report about one teacher to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman took responsibility for not handing it on to Police.

    I count four media statements on the school’s website, including comments urging anyone with evidence to come forward and offering counselling to any former students.

    Just wondering what you would have advised them to do PR-wise?

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