WA miner’s puzzling PR stance

WA miner Fortescue Metals is a strange beast.

On the one hand its owner, Andrew Forrest, is heralded as a “saviour” of Abroigines by creating a scheme to employ them. On the other, the company is taking them to court in oder to access their tribal lands – or in this case, part of Port Hedland Harbour.

Whether the Aborigines or Fortescue is found to be in the right by the Supreme Court, the action has undone all of the goodwill the company built with its employment initiative.

And from the company? Stony silence. The normally media-friendly Andrew Forrest seems to have gone to ground.

The PR Lab: http://www.prlab.com.au


2 thoughts on “WA miner’s puzzling PR stance”

  1. Its also worth asking how many indigenous folks are employed by FMGL? The new scheme championed (?) by Twiggy is indeed a great PR exercise for him, but he always seems to hijack programs that are already in place and putting his personal touch to them.

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