Sinister side to Chinese PR

Conformation today that the Chinese central party propaganda department stopped reporting on the poisoned powdered milk (see previous post). The reason? The Olympics were on and they wanted to present a harmonious country. Meantime, children died.

No amount of PR can save the Chinese government over this disgraceful episode. But you can bet they’ll give it a try.

Really, they are PR amateurs, as was highlighted by their release of an interview with their space-walking astronauts a few days ago. Only one problem: the spacecraft hadn’t left.

This could be seen as a joke, but highlights the manipulative, sinister side of the Chinese regime.

As for the Games, they are now but a memory, as the city returns to its former polluted state.

A big thank you, International Olympic Committee for committing the world’s athletes to a sham which was supposed to contribute to change in China but merely reinforced its standing as having one of the world’s most deceitful, cruel and heartless regimes.

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