Perth PR company living dangerously

A Perth PR company has been named in a Corruption and Crime Commission finding which links it with siphoning money to Stephen Lee, the Mayor of Cockburn, just south of Perth.

The Mayor was censured for misconduct after receiving donations from a property developer, funelled through the PR company.

I don’t know if this company is a member of the PRIA, but clearly this is a breach of the Institute’s code of ethics. I’d hope they’d be hounded out of the place. But, like a lot of business dealings in this State, these things seem to be tolerated.

As one writer to WA Business News said: “This man (Lee) has no shame, no ethics or morals.” And neither does the PR company.

But wait, there’s more. The Council hired another PR firm (at a cost of $20,000) to help distance itself from the scandal.

Makes you wonder why they have a communications person at the council.


2 thoughts on “Perth PR company living dangerously”

  1. Greg, is it impolitic to name them? Id like to know, and you didnt provide a link to the original story!


  2. The articles appeared in The West Australian. I didn’t name them, even though the West did, simply to avoid any legal issues – though it’s doubtful there are any.

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