Confirmation blogging is hardly worth the effort

When Mark Day says blogging is over-hyped, you know it is thus.

Day is one of Australia’s most respected journalists. A former editor of the Sydney Daily Mirror, newspaper owner and now media commentator for The Australian, he was editor of the Mirror when I was a copy boy, and he awarded me my cadetship.

Writing in today’s edition of The “Oz”, Day said, among many things: “I was taken by an expression used in an editorial in The Australian a month or so ago that observed that blogging had all the intellectual value of graffiti on a toilet door.”

I’ll leave you to read the rest of his column. However, I fully agree. Well almost.

Blogging does have a place, but only in reaching extremely narrow (niche) segments of the population. In the case of my main use (academic insight) it is extremely useful.

However, Day’s point is that blogging for the masses is a waste of time.

In recent months, since leaving the university environment, I’ve cut myself off from blogging, with no ill effects. I read more newspapers, my eyes and shoulders are less sore. Anyway, most (if not all) of the people I work with (in a government department) do not read blogs, so even if I did, I’d have nothing in common with them.


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