Media hoodwinked

Matt Hayden does “sit down comedy” (he writes a blog). His irreverent swipes, however,  became national news this week when he said the leader of the WA Opposition may have mishandled a quokka (a small marsupial found on Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth.

While it has nothing to do with PR, it has everything to do with journalism (our close neighbour) and how easily the media is fooled (and how slack they are).

After apologising to Buswell, Matt said: “Now it has become news in the mainstream meeja.  Which I’d say makes the meeja the bloody joke, wouldn’t you?”

The incident highlights how easy it is to pass non-news as news, simply because journalists are too lazy to check their sources.

In a roundabout way, it’s encouraging for (ethical) PR practitioners, as it highlights another trend in the media: that they are becoming so short-staffed there is little time to check stories.

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3 thoughts on “Media hoodwinked”

  1. I discovered Matt’s entertaining blog about a week before the quokka incident.

    He wrote the post in January so it took a while for the meeja to pick it up.

    I agree with you about lazy journalism. There’s something wrong with repeating a rumor at a press conference simply to get a cheap grab or a headline.

    Putting on a PR hat, Buswell could have handled it better though. He should have told the journalist it was a ridiculous unprofessional undignified question, while also denying it.

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