Speedo dives for cover

Once iconic Aussie swimwear company Speedo took a dive yesterday by distancing itself from its Olympic sponsorship … and the ubiquituous Torch Relay, due in Canberra any time now.

Speedo said it only made swimwear and didn’t comment on politics.

It was joined by BHP, which has now toned down its involvement by saying it’s just making the medals.

Most of the companies I’ve already mentioned must be wondering if the negative publicity associated withe the Games is worthwhile. They probably figure “let’s just lay low for a while and the protests will subside once the Games approaches”.

But their long-term reputations may suffer. People will remember; not only for their actual association with the Games, but also for their weak-as-piss responses.

I wonder if these companies would have something to say about politics if they were prevented from operating in China?


3 thoughts on “Speedo dives for cover”

  1. I had no idea that the Olympic Games were causing this much of a problem. I knew people were boycotting it, or angry with it, but long-term sponsors are distancing themselves? I find that a bit absurd and possibly a risky career move. I’m not up with the news fully, but I am a college student and I do pay a bit of attention to what is happening around me, contrary to what many people think of college students. The fact that companies are pulling away from long-term sponsorships seems like it would hurt them more than it would hurt the games.
    As a young adult, I wouldn’t hold it against Speedo for sponsoring the games, I just look at their logo on TV and think to myself “Oh, Speedo is everywhere.” I don’t think many people would hold it against them for sponsoring the games. Also, if they don’t sponsor, another one is going to take it over, and for that lucky company, their name is going to be huge. While Speedo is a huge company, pulling from the Olympics is a career risk that isn’t necessary. This is probably the biggest way they show their name every four years and now they’ll just be seen as “weak” and possibly unreliable.

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