Olympic sponsors set for a hiding

Predictably, hot on the heels of the Olympic Torch Relay protests by Reporters Without Borders at Olympia came the PR follow-up from sponsors (“Sponsors Feel Heat from protests”, 27/3). 


As expected from companies who are likely to be affected (tarnished) by their association with the Games, Lenovo and Samsung produced some mealy-mouthed words from a PR textbook, saying they had no role to advise governments on political policy, and that the aim of the Olympics was to bring sponsors together. Bullshit.


The aim of the Olympics these days is to sell product. And what better place than in the world’s fast-growing market, China.


It got worse, with Samsung’s Australian Director of Marketing (not the CEO) saying his company was a “responsible corporate citizen” (which can bring) “positive change by offering what we can as a worldwide leading technology company”. Yes, that’s right, product.


Good to know these companies have their priorities right. Then again, business is business, right? Not so sure Tibetans would go for that one.


This comment can also be found at the pr LAB 


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