Labor’s first 100 days

Today markes the first 100 days of the Rudd Labor Government. Hip, hip, hooray.

 Kevin and Co. got in early to mark the milestone last Friday. Not sure why, but PR probably had a lot to do with it. Maybe they milked more exposure over the weekend by doing it then. 

 I thought the most interesting part of the entire non-event was the production of a book to outline the achievements. In fairness, this was produced by the ALP and not the government. However, I believe the government’s coat of arms was on the cover. Strange.

 While it’s not possible to change the nation’s fabric in 100 days, Labor has given it a nudge, albeit in a mostly cosmetic way. There’s saying sorry to the Aborigines, ratifying Kyoto, starting to wind back Work Choices, holding community forums and a Cabinet meeting in Perth and replacing Howard’s Parliament House suite furniture with some old orange stuff, last used by Bob Hawke. Oh yes, there’s also the 20/20 summit, minus a decent proportion of women; but it has got Cate Blanchett.

Labor’s got a way to go. I just just hope it doesn’t produce a book every time it has something to say. Think of the trees.

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One thought on “Labor’s first 100 days”

  1. but they’ve only been in Parliament for a handful of weeks. The first 100 days starts when the Senate switches over in a few months.

    and re low rental housing – are we trying to promote a slum culture ??? that’s how that started in the us and uk.

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