Magazine has no idea

The Australian magazine New Idea proved what a lousy publication it is by contributing to the withdrawal from Afghanistan of Prince Harry. Whether it was New Idea or the Drudge Report is immaterial (apparently Drudge picked it up from New Idea). What is important is that the magazine put at risk the lives of not just Harry, but the men he was serving with – all for the sake of … what? Even the British tabloids respected the embargo, which the Oz publication said it didn’t know about. So what?  It’s obvious no one there has any common sense. I propose the magazine be re-named No Idea. Other media comments can be found at 


One thought on “Magazine has no idea”

  1. A truw british hero you are Prince Harry,and thank you for serving,thats less I have to say about our american president who got us in this mess in the first place,but did his daughters serve, HELL NO,to busy partying and getting drunk,the apple falls not far from the TREE

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