Sharia law by stealth?

Coincidence or concerted PR campaign? Two controversial news articles this week in two newspapers –  The Weekend Australian and The West Australian.

Both articles put forward arguments for the introduction of elements of Islamic Sharia law to be incorporated into western legal systems –  in England and Australia.

It’s just too coincidental.

The silly Archbishop of Canterbury (UK) called for it. His call was backed by the equally silly Anglican Archbishop of Perth, Roger Herft and the Islamic Council of WA.

Normally, I’d leave religion out of the PR debate. However, this is a serious issue. It will be interesting to watch future developments. For PR practitioners I’d put it on the list of “watch” items.

Astonishing and idiotic are the first two words I’d use to describe it. Guys, forget it. If ever there was something that could divide a nation, this is it. Having two sets of laws is ridiculous. We are one nation and we live by one set of laws.

What disturbs me is that this move happened simultaneously at opposite ends of the globe. It certainly has overtones of being carefully organised.

I’d hazzard a guess there’s some powerful forces at work, orchestrating the media message. All the Churches have PR people, so that’s not really a surprise.

Now for the Australian government response. The British have already been quick to condemn the call.

Other comments on PR can be found at 


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