US PR problems same as Australia’s

The incoming chairman of the PRSA (America’s peak PR body) has outlined some of the problems PR faces. In many ways, they are no different to us in Australia. The full text is available at (29 Nov).

Sounds like the Yanks face some of the same problems we do – one of them being irrelevance of the peak PR body. I was talking about this today with a colleague, who is pro-PRIA. I am not a fan of it, mostly because it’s a toothless organisation which offers little to members. Why should lawyers be regulated, but PR people not be?

To be a PRIA member one should be an experienced practitioner (and qualified). So why does it run workshops for members on how to write a media release? They should know that already. Sheesh, they teach it in journalism 101.

Figures don’t lie. Our PRIA has 2800 members, from an estimated PR workforce of between 11-14,000 (Aust. Bureau of Statistics). 


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