Cousins saga continues

Whether you like it or not, the Ben Cousins saga continues. Because the West Coast Eagles and Cousins are such a part of the WA media landscape you can not ignore their antics from a PR perspective.

Cousins was supposed to vist Los Angeles for a second round of drug rehab. Instead, he went on a five-day cocaine bender (proven by LA 911 records).

Meantime, back home, the club continues to bury its head in the sand. In a TV interview, coach John Worsfold claims he knew nothing of the problems, which extend to other players. Sure, John. Pull the other one. Worsfold is no fool. He is a pharmacist by profession.

If the WA media knew of the players’ indiscretions (and they did, because I worked in it) he sure did – as did the club management, led by current CEO Trevor Nisbett.

However, they continue to deny any responsibility for the club’s problems.

This club needs a dramatic cultural shift, yet they persist with the old guard who have only contributed to the problem.

It’s not only Cousins that has to get with the “program”.


5 thoughts on “Cousins saga continues”

  1. Your comment about Worsfold is spot on.

    It emerged that WA Police had warned West Coast officials in the early noughties that there was a drug problem at the club.

    Yet it could seem that nothing was done until it was too late.

  2. It’s interesting to read back over this post knowing what has unfolded since. Congrats to Richmond on getting Ben Cousins for 2009 – hope they both do well and that the club administration keeps it eyes open for the benefit of all players.

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