More on Moose, and Dr Karl

Moose Toys finally “got it” by posting a front-page link on their web site to information about the recall of the deadly Bindy’s Beadz. Only took 48 hours … too long.

Meantime, Senate candidate Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, did something people in political life don’t normally do … apologise.

He retracted his comments about “clean coal” being a “furphy”.

Nice of you to say so, Karl – for whatever reason. But I agree with Tim Flannery and still reckon there’s no such thing as clean coal.

Burning coal simply puts rubbish in the environment. When (and if) they get around to clean coal, it will still be pumping carbon into the atmosphere; just a lesser amount.


3 thoughts on “More on Moose, and Dr Karl”

  1. Hi Greg,

    I had not heard of Dr Karl’s apology/retraction or whatever. I know the coal industry kicked a bucket of sand in his face.
    I shall check it out (as best I can).


  2. Have checked Dr Karl’s blog.

    He appears to have revised the figures by a factor of 10 (one tenth of what he originally calculated). Point is, the problem is still enormous (and the coal industry PR machine has NOT acknowledged that.

    Also, how are they going to seal the gas in, under enormous pressure?

    I agree, “Clean Coal” is a nonsense proposal by the Government and industry is going along with the pretence, as it allows them to keep on mining.


  3. Good on you, Denis. I’m not sure why Karl capitulated. I know Tim Flannery, on whom Karl based his argument, is a zoologist. But I’ll stick with the Australian of the Year’s views … clean coal is a nonsense.

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