Now it’s Turnbull’s turn

Hot on the heels of Peter Garrett’s blunder about admitting Labor would change its policies in government, federal environment minister Malcolm Turnbull has said similar.

Turnbull told well-respected national TV personality Peter Cundall he was opposed to the Gunns paper pulp mill in Tasmania. Turnbull then denied it.

Well, someone’s fibbing.

It’s likely Malcolm IS opposed to the mill. After all, he wanted the government to ratify the Kyoto protocol.

You’d think he’d rise above party politics and come out and say what he really believes. God knows, he doesn’t need the politicians’ salary.


3 thoughts on “Now it’s Turnbull’s turn”

  1. Peter Cundall is not a politician so he does not possess the fundamental quality of being a liar.

    For more on Malcolm Turnbull’s lies see

    Unless you somehow reckon Malcolm Turnbull hasn’t lied when he stated what he did as set out at in light of how the High Court views similar conduct, I ask the question;
    Would a complaint to the Federal Police be appropriate for a contravention of:
    Section 142.2 of THE COMMONWEALTH CRIMINAL CODE ACT 1995 (Abuse of public office)
    (1) A Commonwealth public official is guilty of an offence if:
    (a) the official:
    (i) exercises any influence that the official has in the official’s capacity as a Commonwealth public official; or
    (ii) engages in any conduct in the exercise of the official’s duties as a Commonwealth public official; or
    (iii) uses any information that the official has obtained in the official’s capacity as a Commonwealth public official; and
    (b) the official does so with the INTENTION of:
    (i) dishonestly obtaining a benefit for himself or herself or for another person; or
    (ii) dishonestly causing a detriment to another person.
    Penalty: Imprisonment for 5 years.

    A benefit would be, in being re-elected. A detriment would be, to other candidates in the election.

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