Criminal hires PR firm

Convicted corporate criminal Rodney Adler pulled the most appalling stunt by hiring a PR firm on his release from jail.

Speaking through the PR firm, Adler said he met many people from “many walks of life and different religious backgrounds” while in jail, that he wasn’t about to travel or invest in real estate or write a book about his experiences.

Alleluia. We should all be so glad that he won’t be doing those things.

Adler (the Sydney morning Herald called him “Mr” Adler) was jailed in 2005 for his part in what became Australia’s largest corporate collapse, the $5.3 billion disintegration of the insurance giant HIH.

Having the gall to hire a PR firm to tell us basically that he was okay in his multi-million dollar Vaucluse residence is an indication of the contempt Adler treats people with.

The PR company that took the brief is Sefiani Communications Group, run by Robyn Sefiani. Talk about a lack of ethics … well, maybe morality. Representing someone who has caused thousands of mum-and-dad investors to lose everything is not a good move. I guess money talks.

As one SMH letter-writer said: “Please, Rodney, spare us the vomitous output of your PR spin doctors … carefully crafted press items about your empathy and respect from people … make the hypocrisy meter go gang busters.”


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