TV media polls way off the mark

Channel Nine’s A Current Affair, a national program, tonight promoted yet another of those ridiculous polls. This time, who would you vote for in the federal election: John Howard or Kevin Rudd?

These type of polls, where viewers simply dial a number to register a vote, are a scandal. The results are meangingless, as anyone can ring in multiple times. In other words, the result is probably biased.

The Liberal Part is renowned for marshalling its members to ring talk radio shows and vote in these pointless pseudo polls.

Unfortunately, as I previously mentioned, most of the country gets its information from television. So does a loaded result have the power to persuade voters? If the result is biased in favour of the government, will this cause people to rethink their support one way or the other?

Meantime, the broadcast goes unpunished. Idiots. My advice: read more newspapers.


One thought on “TV media polls way off the mark”

  1. tv polls are of no use whatsoever and worse you pay for no outcome to poll which are of no worth without telling you how many voted.they say 60% said yes how many is 60% without the number it means nothing.taking money under false pretences..

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